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Arlo WordPress Framework

13 February, 2020
Time to read: 1 min
I recently created a WordPress framework which uses Laravel Mix in the bundled theme. It is a dependency of Composer so it's easy to spin up…

How to set up automatic Git deployments

03 December, 2019
Time to read: 1 min
What are we doing? This is a simple way to use Git to create automatic deployments. There are a lot of ways of doing this, but this was the…

Don't bake core functionality into your theme

03 December, 2019
Time to read: 1 min
Separate your concerns One thing that I don't like to see when taking over a WordPress project these days is when all the website's…

Gatsby and the JAMStack

29 November, 2019
Time to read: 2 min
Lately I have been looking into creating sites in a more modular, sensible and maintainable way. Otherwise known as the JAMStack. This is…

The Fold

28 November, 2019
Time to read: 1 min
If you work in the web, you will undoubtably have come across a client referring to "the fold"... Wait.. Whatnow? Computer screens don’t…